if anyone who only speaks english is interested in this show, fenrirslittlesister and i are considering putting english subs on it!! but we wanna know that there’s gonna be at least a decent bunch of people who’ll watch it if we do….

it’s a show about these four teens and their horses that they love a lot! lena [blue haired girl] is the main character and she’s very skilled when it comes to calming horses down and she’s gone through some sad situations in the past but her best friends anna [pink hair], angelo [black hair], and nico [blonde] are always there for her!!

the show is funny but in general its very heartwarming and touching and all these kids are literally the best friends to each other that anyone could ever be and its just really nice and fun and i totally recommend it!! so plz just tell me if you think you would watch it cuz i’d love it if more people did :’D

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xle ranch xlena's ranch xlenas ranch xhorseland xhorses xtagging as horseland cuz idk horse cartoons yknow.... xalso angelo is really great and hot n stuff xand romani which is cool
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    fenrirslittlesister dO YOU SEE THIS, ANNE. DO YOU SEEEEEEE
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    I’m on episode 14 of this show. I’m just kinda guessing what’s going on or what they’re saying but i would be amazing to...
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    Lena’s Ranch. It appears that it only is in french right now
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    What’s the name of the show?
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    Isn’t there an English show like this called saddle club?
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